Financial Crisis-a recall

Surfing around the world..seeing all the places…Its very much sure,people are at home.They are in some crisis.Vague sounds are not able to convince me about the situations.My queries are still there,.Many figures i saw, were telling me about the financial factors, that are affecting and going to affect an.Even then i am so concerned about the people at home.I wish to talk to them, at least seeing them.At last i realized i am also one of them.Its a pathetic situation.We were never ready for this crisis.Its dramatically changed all.Lifestyles,happiness,financial positions,way of talking,walking,and even smoking.Yes but its taught us a lot.According to the unseen dramatized venture of hopeless event,these conditions heavily affect on men.And they run for their life,survival.

I cannot say NEVER MIND.because it is really something to get noticed and analyzed.Its the biggest and worst problem in universe now.Now we can feel that.Its roaring in our ears.Its none other than,The all time destroyer,THE FINANCIAL CRISIS.Well i am not going to talk about the power of financial crisis.Not at all its aftermath is my subject.Neither the persons,got affected by this.I am trying to tell you some small,small things.A review is never going to make a change,Its about the man,the people,including me.Only we can change the situation.But in a small way though.

Anyway,the Financial Crisis had badly affected many places in the world.America,Europe,Middle East,and Asia ,every one is having this issue.By the way if we could make a change,that is it.We are mall pieces of workers in the big world of corporates.But from the lower back end,if we pushed the the wheel,it will roll.

I can say we small,young,energetic people not at all working for anything.We need to know that,its our life.Only we can make it straight.We are not corporates,but from now ,we can make corporates.We have to face these crisis and do more homework, make us uniformed, give good education, and zero-tolerance policies for bad behavior and the technical errors of this society.These are the basics that will try to save the Millions of figures from the Financial Crisis,the “World’s disaster”.

It is said that powerful presence of mind reduces the rate of homelessness, yet some of the residents have jobs and a steady income (they could probably afford to make a dream).After all we need to have INSIGHTS FOR A CHANGING WORLD.If i ask How Many Millionaires are remaining?,what will be your answer.Well not that kind.Its obvious that,everyone is in pain.We must know that.It was a management misjudgment which caused the fatal flaw of revenue.

What made this to happen? What evoked this financial crisis?

Germans killed 70,000 during the Blitz 100,000 Chinese were killed in the Rape of Nanking 100,000’s of Germans were killed in strategic bombing of Germany by Americans and the British Total 45 million casualties.

What?, Anything coming to your mind.No no no friend.Its not the war,which made us hopeless.Its US who made WAR,to lose everything ,to make homeless.These are just news headlines.Nothing serious about it.Well that is wrong,i must say.

Banking Jobs In Bahrain

Bahrain undoubtedly is the financial hub of the Middle East. It is also internationally known to be the most diversified economy in the Gulf region. Unlike other countries in the Gulf region that depend heavily on oil and gas production, in Bahrain, the contribution of this sector is merely 14% of GDP (2007). The most thriving sector in Bahrain currently is the financial sector. Thus, there is no dearth of banking jobs in Bahrain. These financial sector jobs have been increasing as the sector has seen ample growth over the past few years and Bahrain has become an attractive career destination for qualified expatriates in this field. Other than the financial sector, other booming sectors in the region include professional services, logistics, ICT, and manufacturing sectors.

Bahrain boasts of the highest and most transparent regulatory and supervisory standards in its financial sector and has thus become the most established financial hub which has attracted investors for businesses in this field. Despite being such a small country, it has attracted a lot of foreign investment in this region as it is the tried and tested ground for banking and insurance sector. In the region, there are more than 400 licensed financial institutions which contribute nearly 27% of GDP (2007). These institutions operate in banking, insurance and funds. Also, Bahrain is a hub for Islamic finance as the largest number of Islamic financial institutions is located in the region. Owing to these reasons banking jobs in Bahrain have become quite attractive to skilled professionals across the globe.

Bahrain banking jobs are very lucrative too. The prime reason for this is that it is a tax-free region. Thus, no taxes are levied on the compensation of an individual. This is a major puller for expatriates who throng the region to take up such jobs and make savings for a lifetime. These expatriates take up jobs on contractual basis and leave the country at the end of their term but by the time they leave, they save enough money to make the period of stay worthwhile. The quality and the standard of lifestyle offered in Bahrain are also world-class. Though one might find a huge difference in culture but with an open mind, one can enjoy the luxuries offered by the place. One has to be a little open-minded to settle well in the country and accept all the good that it has to offer.

To get a Bahrain banking job, one can apply through various mediums such as recruitment firms operating in the area, newspapers, job sites and also by directly applying to these banks that regularly advertise their vacancies on their websites. If going through a recruitment agency, it is always advisable to choose a certified agency because there are a lot of sham companies operating in this field who make unsuspecting job searchers a prey. Once short listed, the candidates have to go through a comprehensive selection procedure as the standards of selection in top financial companies are also very high. The employer becomes the sponsor of the expatriates who work in Bahrain. In your employment contract, there are other included benefits too. For instance, many employers offer housing, education for children and one annual free trip back home to employees. Considering these benefits, a banking job in Bahrain becomes a sought after one.

Despite the current economic downturn, Bahrains established status as the financial capital of the Middle East is ready to weather these tough times. The sector has seen a surging employment growth in Bahrain’s financial industry in the last few years. There is an emphasis on employing local Bahrainis as the countrys education system has evolved and is producing graduates ready to take up jobs. However, there is still a lot of demand for foreign workers. Prominent financial services companies operating in Bahrain include some big international names such as AIG, American Express, Bank of China, Citibank, European Islamic Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, BNP Paribas, Hanover Re, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan, Lazard, Merrill Lynch, and Standard Chartered. The expansion of these firms in the region has ensured that more and more jobs are being created each year. Apart from banking, insurance and funds are the other two branches in the finance sector that are employing expatriates in large numbers.

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