How To Prepare For Gd In Oriental, Corporation And Axis Bank Recruitment 2013

Group Discussion is one of the most vital selection measures introduced in recruitment procedure by almost all the banks through its recruitment procedures like that for Oriental Bank of Commerce and Axis Bank Recruitment 2013. As a part of the screening test to select the most adept candidates, Group Discussion (GD) offers a critical understanding of the interpersonal skills among the scores of super achievers in the bank PO Written Exam. Well, you have to prepare well, in order to get that special attention of the interviewer, in your Group Discussion phase. Usually time is very limited and you have to utilize that time in the most effective manner to get selected in the GD phase.
The first step in preparing for group discussions in bank exams is to develop a habit of reading regularly, be it the newspapers or current affairs books. A daily perusal of the newspapers and news channels helps inculcate a thorough understanding of the wide range of topics that you might be facing with, while attending one of these group discussions in banking sector recruitments like Corporation Bank Recruitment 2013.

Besides making yourself aware of general topics of discussion and current affairs, it is also important to develop multiple opinions about similar topics, in order to speak in favour and against of the same topic, as per the demand of the time. It is usually advised to keep the discussions simple and informative with a lucid style of speaking. Aspirants should refrain from fabricating the truth if they lack knowledge about a certain topic of discussion. The approach of discussion must be logical, practical, and clear and subject oriented. Panellists in banking recruitment like that for Oriental Bank of Commerce Recruitment 2013 usually look for certain skills like leadership qualities, argumentative and persuasive capacities, communication and interpersonal skills and analytical abilities. Candidates must be careful that their manner of speaking and body language should be attuned to the professional requirements.

Different banks have different approaches for marking the candidates who appear for the Group Discussions. In the case of banks like Corporation Bank and Axis Bank, usually 8 to 10 group members are allowed to speak for 20 to 30 minutes altogether. Within this stipulated period, the abilities of each member are tested and tried. Self-confidence is the keystone in such kinds of debates and discussions and the body language of the candidate must be able to freely express that. It is considered a common courtesy to allow other members to become an active participant of the group discussion by listening closely and making useful and valid remarks from time to time. There should be some flow of thought and continuity must be maintained while joining the ongoing discussion. Candidates should try not to detract from the topic that is on the table for discussion. The arguments must be validated with substantial reasoning and accurate statement of facts with references.
Recruitment procedures, like that for Axis Bank Recruitment 2013 selects its candidates based on their body language and self-esteem in addition to their expression of thought and knowledge. Candidates must refrain from mocking other candidates or interrupting them before their argument is over. The candidate must be well versed in the knowledge of bank policies and related activities, since these topics are often taken up for debating during Group Discussions. Finally, confidence plays a key role for success that will help you to get through these group discussions without a hitch.