Ppp Programs – Min $1m And Up – ( Investor Funds In India Banks Ok )

With a changing market in alternative investments, there are currently seven private placement programs available to investors with a minimum of one million dollars to start. As with any trading program, the investor is never allowed contact with the trader until a complete compliance package has been submitted.

This includes a current POF (proof of funds), a CIS (client information sheet on client’s letter head) and a copy of the investor’s passport. Once the investor passes due diligence by the trader, the investor will be invited into a 40-week trade program or a bullet trade.

It is a privilege to be invited to participate in a PPP program, not a right. A client needs to be invited in. A client will never be invited in to any PPP trade if he thinks he is going to dictate the procedure to the trader. It does not work that way. The trade program sets the exact procedure as to how it will be done and that is the way it is. The investor either accepts this or not. If not, he does not get into a program.

When submitting a request to enter a private placement program or bullet trade, you must always include a POF, CIS, passport copy, a brief summary describing the request, i.e the dollar amount, is it PPP or another service you request, the name of the client’s bank and is it cash or a bank instrument that he wants to put into trade? Also, in what country is the client and the bank located? Without this information, the investor will not be invited into these very profitable trades.

PROGRAM 1 (1 Million minimum investment) – Works for investors from India or anyone.
There are few PPP programs that allow the smaller investor to get into a program without moving their funds to the traders bank. This one will does not require that. It is perfect for investors in India for example where the banking laws of the country do not allow the citizenry to move large amounts of money out of the country. It is a straight forward 40 week program. Returns are approximately 350% a month after fees are deducted paid weekly for 40 weeks.

PROGRAM 2 (1 Million minimum investment ) – Multi option program
for the small investor and up. Investment funds must be moved to an offshore bank account
in the name of an offshore (not US) corporations which is owned by the investor. If there is
a problem with moving the funds, such as with some investors from India, this program will
not work for them. This program has been in existence for 20 years and has never lost an
investor s money. Please notice that there are a variety of options from which to choose,
which will only be discussed after receipt of full compliance package.

PROGRAM 3 – BONDS or CASH ( trade, sale or loan)
We will consider any type bond if on Euroclear and/or DTC wi th Free Delivery or that comes with a MT-760. The bond should be A or better rated by S&P, Moodys, Finch etc. with ISIN/CUSIP numbers. Venezuela Bonds are accepted without being on DTC, EC or having a MT760.

No Mexican Bonds will be accepted. Mexican bonds are accepted by the trader on the ASAFY-Doc.Program. The bonds must be delivered on or DTC or Euroclear to Citibank, NY with T-3 Settlement only. (This settlement cycle is known asT+3, short hand for trade date plus three days. ) MUST submit Pages 1-4 + Page 14 from Euroclear screens with FULL compliance package

PROGRAM 4 – U.S. Banks only: 5M Minimum Wells Fargo 48 hour Bullet Program
Must be delivered by clients bank via MT542 block in the U.S. for CD, Cash, SBLC, or MTN; or free delivery on DTC to Wells Fargo
-Within 24-48 hours, 85-90% payout; hold the asset for 30 days.
-$5M minimum with no limit

PROGRAM 5 – U.S. Banks/ European Banks Bullet Program – – Minimum $100M
Must be delivered on EC to Citibank NY with T-3 Settlement
– 72 hours after delivery, client is paid 5%
– +7 additional banking days, client is paid 200%
– Instrument is blocked for 45- 90 days then returned to client unencumbered

PROGRAM 6 – 10M Min. Bullet Option – 5 Times Bullet Program – Cash Only
CIS (must have working numbers and email address or will be rejected), Non-Solicitation, Letter of Intent, and POF (Bank Statement or Tear Sheet) – – please only serious inquiries.
24-48hr compliance
Top US and European Banks
No Swift Needed
Administrative Hold
$10M min (smaller amounts case by case)
Cash Only
Program is subject to close and change without notice – – others programs may be available depending on when submission is made.


PROGRAM 7 – 2M ZERO-OUT Project Funding 7 for 1 Leverage Program
You need an acceptable project to fund to be eligible. We want projects that provide humanitarian and economic benefit to society in general.

Program allows you to take a minimum of $2 million dollars and invest it in our Zero-Out Project Funding 7 for 1 Leverage Program and make enough profit to support your financial needs and goals upfront. The financial goal that you need to reach will be based on a designated initial investment amount and leveraging your funds and profits based on 4 funding cycles with a 7 to 1 leverage of your investment and profits in each cycle. The maximum benefit allowed is $150 million.

Example $2 million investment/ 4 funding cycles: If you need $100 million dollars you may invest $2 million and it and your profits are leverage as followed to reach your funding goal.

Cycle 1: $2M x 7 = $14 million
Cycle 2: $4M x 7 = $28 millionCycle 3: $4M x 7 = $28 million
Cycle 4: $4M x 7 = $28 million
Four Cycle $Total = $98 million

All information is provided once we know you have a real client, meaning we have POF and copy of their passport and CIS. Trader must know that your client is real. NO exceptions. We WILL NOT talk to anyone who cannot prove they have the investment funds and that they are who they say they are. That point is not negotiable.